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How Do I Get Rid Of Japanese Knotweed Without Using Pesticides?

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Japanese knotweed was initially considered as an ornamental plant which was brought from Japan. Later on, it was found that it was infectious and cancerous one for the other plants as well as for the property. This weed grows on the fast rate in the summers, and it has been observed that it can destroy the hard surfaces where it grows; such as tarmac, concrete and brick walls if the right Japanese knotweed control is not employed.

This plant has the quick growth, and it results in taking maximum nutrients from the soil. So, it overshadows the other beneficial plants and deprives them of essential nutrients from the soil and sunlight.

Legal Actions:
In the UK it is declared as an illegal plant, which spreads at a very fast rate. It is considered to be a crime when a person consciously or unconsciously plants this weed. In the UK, even touching this plant is prohibited because it can help in the expansion for the growth of this particular weed. It is mandatory in the UK to provide the information about the Japanese Knotweed growing on your property.

Many people hesitate to buy or hire such property which has the background information with this weed. According to the legal notices, you have to pay £ 2,500 fine, if Japanese knotweed is found growing on your property and you are letting it spread to the neighbouring property. This weed has caused a huge loss to the UK economy as it expenses if £166 million every year in order to treat the land. It has also caused the property devaluation.

Getting rid of Japanese Knotweed without Using Pesticides
Chemical methods are more convenient nowadays, as well as hazardous. The natural methods are the best ways to treat the plants or weeds. Digging this weed is the natural process and following things should be understood for this method:

• Rhizomes are the roots that spread extensively inside the ground, and they are the main reason for the spreading of Japanese knotweed
• Digging up this is one way to remove it naturally, but for this, you have to be careful to remove all the roots.
• For this, you have to ensure that you are excavating the target object properly.
• According to the Environmental Protection Act 1990, these roots can be bumped off at the licensed waste disposal sites.
• Burning down is another method where these roots, when taken out, are burned to ashes and then buried deep down into the soil. But, it is not feasible for small-scale gardeners to do so.
• The other thing is you can take the help of professionals. There are many companies out there who are working to control the Japanese Knotweed and disposing it of properly, thus, minimizing its hazardous effects.

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