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Digger Hire Wirral & Chester Services

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If you are working on a home renovation project, then you may need to hire some specialist equipment. We offer digger hire Wirral & Chester gardeners and DIY enthusiasts can trust, and provide a wide range of services for our customers.

Choose from a large range of mini diggers and dumpers, as well as micro diggers, excavators, skid steers, concrete breaks and more.  We can help you with machinery for hire for self-drive, or, alternatively you can pay an extra fee to get digger hire Wirral & Chester area with a qualified and insured driver to help you with the job.

Diggers Available for Hire

There are a lot of different diggers on the market, and some differs that people like to hire include:

Kubota U-17

This is a versatile digger with a quick-hitch feature, that can be used with a variety of different buckets.

Volvo ECR28

Volvo is a trusted make, and one of the go-tos for people who are serious about their construction projects. This is a hefty digger, and like the smaller Kubota it features a quick hitch and can be used with many different buckets.

Terek Dumper

The Terek 1 Ton dumper is an easy to use dumper that is perfect for keeping your work site orderly.

Renting a Digger

You can rent diggers on a per-day rate, or book them out for the duration of a project. The above are just a few examples of different diggers, we may have other makes or models available when you call.

We would recommend that home users and DIY enthusiasts use the insured driver option, rather than renting for self-drive. While diggers are quite easy to operate, they are very heavy and powerful machines and should not be used without proper safety training. It is important that you follow standard safety precautions on your work site, including using proper signage and barriers to prevent passers by from getting too close to machinery while it is in use. If you do operate heavy machinery while you are working on your project, make sure that you are healthy, sober, and not taking any medication which could affect your focus or concentration. We care about the success of your project, and your safety, and want to make sure that everything goes well.

Call us today to learn more about the diggers that we have to rent.