Club Events


Next Walk – 28th March 2016 Eurasier Gathering

Best Wood Park – Nottingham

Start Times, Directions, etc will be sent to club members & guests by email

For any further details, please contact
Club Secretary – Mike Watkins –


The UK Eurasier Club believes it is of benefit to both owners and dogs to get together at intervals to share our experiences and the pleasures of walking our dogs together. To this end the Club encourages Eurasier owners to identify suitable locations for group walks and propose a date on which they can act as “hosts” for a group walk; inviting Club members and other owners to join them. The UK Eurasier Club will endeavour to be represented (by Committee members) on as many walks (and other events) as possible.
However, participation on such walks can only be on the basis of individuals agreeing to co-incidentally walk their dogs at the same place and the same time. Neither the UK Eurasier Club, nor the owners who are acting as “hosts” can be held responsible for any accident, damage, injury or other untoward incident that may occur



The UK Eurasier Club Events 2016


18th Jan 2016 – Eurasier Gathering Hainault Forrest
28th November 2010 – Eurasier Gathering Nottingham


watch this video to understand what happens at Dog Walks